Patient Testimonials

Welcome to the patient testimonials page.  Take a few minutes and watch the below videos.  These videos are not scripted but simply their story, told by the patients themselves.  Medicine is both an art and a science.  Individual results may vary.

At the Bone & Joint Institute of South Georgia, we strive to offer World Class Orthopaedic Care to all of our patients. It is our goal to positively impact lives, helping each patient individually with specific treatment plans.


(Total Hip Replacement)

Anthony, an expert swimmer and coach, had an arthritic hip that was causing extreme pain. Dr. Kenerly performed a total hip replacement and Anthony is back to his active lifestyle pain free.


(Spine Surgery – TLIF)

Meet Dawn. She had terrible back/leg pain stopping her from being active. Dr. Loumeau performed a TLIF spinal procedure and she is now pain free, riding bikes and enjoying life.


(Double Total Hip Replacements)

Bobby Musgrove had both hips replaced at the same time by Dr. Kenerly. He was no longer able to care for himself prior to surgery but now is enjoying life and is totally independent.


(Total Knee Replacement)

Meet Dave Vasilatos. Dave went from racing motorcycles to not being able to walk. Dr. Valosen performed a total knee replacement and now Dave is back on his motorcycle.


(TRAUMA / Total Hip Replacement)

Mrs. Wohlgemuth had a terrible fall breaking her hip. Dr. Kenerly met her in the ER and suggested a total hip replacement. She is now, pain free and living life to the fullest.


(Spine Surgery – ACDF)

Frank reached a point with extreme neck and arm pain that life was very difficult. Dr. Loumeau repaired his neck vertebra and now Frank is back hunting and fishing pain free.


(Total Hip Replacement)

Meet Gary Bowen. Gary is an expert woodworker but wasn’t able to work in his shop without pain. Dr. Kenerly performed a total hip replacement and Gary is back in the shop pain free.


(Steroid Injection – Non-Operative)

Dr. Valosen offered Darryl a non-operative injection that helped him regain his shoulder movements to get him back to his job pain free. He can now use his arm with no limitations.


(Total Hip Replacement)

Gayle Carver had lost her independence. She had a lot of pain and sought Dr. Kenerely for a total hip replacement. She is now back in the garden and running with grandkids.


(Spine Surgery – Spinal Stenosis Repair)

Meet Nick… An avid golfer playing all over the world. He suffered with spinal stenosis to the point of giving up golf. Dr. Loumeau performed a Laminectomy and Nick is swinging his clubs!


Thank you for taking the time to hear what some of our patients have to say. We are honored to be able to help all patients improve their quality of life. If you have been treated at the Bone & Joint Institute of South Georgia and would like to share your story, please fill out the form below. You never know, we may call you for our next video!

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