Physical Therapy Services

Depending on your specific healthcare needs, your doctor may determine that physical therapy could benefit you. BJISG Physical Therapy looks forward to partnering with you and assisting you on your important road to recovery.


Physical therapy plays an important role in preventing injuries and helping a patient’s recovery. BJISG Physical Therapy offers a comprehensive approach through evaluation and an individualized care plan designed to treat the whole person and their specific surgery, injury and/or disease. Our physical therapists always customizes an individual plan for you to help relieve your pain, improve your strength, increase your level of function, and prevent future injury. 

What To Expect
  • Our goal is to provide the highest quality patient care. We pride ourselves in hiring qualified, experienced therapists and staff who will listen to your specific goals and concerns. We will create a customized treatment plan specific to your needs.
There are three important components of your physical therapy program: 
    1. The first visit (initial evaluation) is the musculoskeletal evaluation to determine what is causing your pain and limitations. 
    2. Following visits are specifically designed to decrease your pain, and increase your strength and fitness. 
    3. Your important, last and final visit (discharge) is your graduation! We will review specific home exercises to help you maintain your improvements. We will then let your doctor know that you have completed your therapy sessions and report how you have progressed. Our therapists and staff make it a top priority to stay in constant communication with your physician. We collaborate with the physicians to create patient-specific protocols to ensure the quickest and best outcomes for you. We try to provide the most comprehensive care for your specific needs in order to achieve each goal you have set with your healthcare providers.
Initial Evaluation
  • During your first visit, you will be partnered with one of our professionally trained therapists who will become your mentor throughout your therapy treatments. This appointment will last about an hour. Our goals are to get to know you and for you to get to know us, evaluate and determine the source of your musculoskeletal problem, and to establish the goals you want to achieve through physical therapy.
  • During this visit, our goal is to determine the source of your pain or limitation. Mild swelling or soreness after the initial evaluation is not uncommon.
What to Wear to Physical Therapy
  • You should wear comfortable clothing that is not restrictive to movement. You should also wear closed toe shoes. (Athletic clothes and tennis shoes/sneakers are highly recommended).


Consider Physical Therapy…

The most common reason people see a physical therapist for care is to address pain or a potential injury that’s inhibiting their ability to move and exercise normally.  If you have chronic pain, an injury or recovering from orthopaedic surgery, BJISG Physical Therapy is here for you.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (912) 427-0800.

 BJISG Physical Therapy Locations

Jesup: 1064 North Macon Street 

Behind Hardee’s and next to Hibbett Sports, near the Walmart Shopping Center

Waycross: 1912 Memorial Drive, Suite G

Located next door to the BJISG Clinic