Thomas P. Loumeau, MD

Dr. Thomas P. Loumeau is a board certified spine surgeon that specializes in minimally invasive 4k endoscopic spine surgery offering many benefits to patients.



  • University of Notre Dame

Medical School

  • Trinity College of Medicine in Dublin, Ireland

Neurosurgery Residency / Spine Surgery Fellowship

  • University of Illinois  / OrthoCarolina of Charlotte



Dr. Loumeau, board certified in Orthopaedic Spine Surgery, began his medical career after graduating from the University of Notre Dame with honors as an English Literature major and went on to attend the Trinity College of Medicine in Dublin, Ireland.  He then studied at the University of Illinois neurosurgery residency program in Peoria, Illinois, followed by the University of Florida orthopaedic surgery residency program in Jacksonville, Florida. He completed his spine surgery fellowship at one of the top spine surgery centers in the nation – OrthoCarolina, in Charlotte, NC. Dr. Loumeau worked alongside leading spine surgeons performing complex procedures. 

Dr. Loumeau is internationally recognized, attending many conferences and presenting innovative research from Canada to Spain. He has recently been published in the European Journal of Spine Surgery and volunteered his services in Haiti.

Dr. Loumeau’s vast knowledge and experience makes him a valuable asset to BJISG and our community.  Dr. Loumeau works with a wide variety of spinal conditions with a special interest in minimally-invasive procedures, deformity correction, spinal decompression and fusion, and motion preservation.


Q – When did you know you were going to be a physician? (or why did you select a career in healthcare?)
A – I chose medicine because, honestly, I like to help people.  As cliche as it sounds, it’s the truth.  Our spines can cause us a tremendous amount of pain and I really enjoy being able to help people regain their lives, eliminate and/or reduce pain and in a relative short amount of time.
Q – What inspires you about spine surgery?
A – Modern advances in spine surgery!  Traditionally, spine surgery used to require many days in the hospital and a long recovery, today, with our minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery patients go home quickly and recover faster.
Q – How would you describe your approach to patient care & surgery?
A – I like to try all options before surgery.  Today, we have many non-operative options for different conditions. Surgery is a great tool and can changes lives…  but should be used only when needed.