Digital X-ray

At the Bone & Joint Institute of South Georgia, our patients benefit from the latest direct digital technology, as well as the convenience of being x-rayed on-site, eliminating the need for a third party service and allowing for more direct contact with their physician. Digital radiography is much like digital photography and is considerably faster than computerized radiography or conventional x-ray, and doesn’t require the technician to handle a “cassette” between each image taken, saving even more time.

BJI has also implemented PACS (Picture Archival and Communication System). PACS provides secure storage and distribution of the digital x-ray images, and makes images immediately available for your doctor to read. The images are also viewable in each patient room for the doctor to review with the patient, reducing the time you spend waiting for x-ray results. Additionally, PACS can make copies of a patient’s images on CD to take to other health care providers as needed.