Workers’ Compensation2

The Bone & Joint Institute of South Georgia offers a comprehensive workers’ compensation program designed to get your injured employees back to work quickly while reducing medical costs and time lost from work.  The BJI team is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive care to the injured worker while maintaining a strong line of communication with insurance adjusters, case managers and employers. 

We offer comprehensive orthopaedic and musculoskeletal services at four locations throughout Southeast Georgia.  Some of those services include:

Workplace and Job Assessments: We offer intervention before an injury occurs through an on-site assessment conducted by our providers.  It is our goal to prevent work-related injuries and promote workplace safety. 

Independent Medical Exams – Our providers regularly perform evaluations of injured workers and issue a thorough, unbiased opinion on the injury.  Our reports focus on overall medical history, history of injury with summary of the treatment and recommendations, updated medical evaluation, recommendations regarding possible need for further diagnostic studies, and assessments of whether the injury is permanent or temporary, and if modified duty assignments are appropriate.  The evaluations cover a wide-range of orthopaedic injuries, and can be scheduled by contacting our Workers’ Compensation Coordinator at the number below.

Digital X-Ray: Our filmless digital diagnostic X-ray system presents a clearer, more detailed image to the doctor, giving them better information to diagnose and treat the patient.

Open MRI: The ACR accredited on-site Open MRI is just one of the many ways we provide our patients with a convenient, comfortable experience while utilizing the most advanced imaging technology available.

Electrodiagnostics: Electromyography (EMG) and Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS) are very powerful diagnostic tools. These non-surgical procedures detect neuromuscular disorders (nerve and muscle problems).  EMG (Electromyography) is used to measure the electrical activity of muscles. NCS (Nerve Conduction Studies) are used to measure the speed and intensity of electrical signals that travel along nerves and the time it takes to respond to these signals.

Outpatient Surgery Center: If surgery is required, the Surgery Center of BJI was designed exclusively for same-day orthopaedic surgeries. Our surgery suites are equipped with the latest technology, including high-definition video cameras for arthroscopic procedures, a digital fluoroscopic x-ray unit, and high resolution computer monitors that display medical imagery that ensure a high level of patient safety, satisfaction and positive outcomes.




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