Computer Assisted Total Knee Replacement


The Bone & Joint Institute of South Georgia offers computer guided knee replacement surgery!

Knee replacements can reduce a patient’s existing knee pain and increase the quality of life. An advanced procedure called computer-guided knee replacement allows our surgeons to provide a personalized fit for each patient’s knee implant. 

A computer driven navigation system using GPS like technology allows our surgeons to size and position the prosthetic implants with extreme precision to optimize the knee’s balance and alignment. This allows our surgeons to position the knee implant to fit more exactly to be as close to the original joint as possible.

Advantages to Computer Guided Knee Replacements:
     • Joint alignment is more accurate.
     • The joints tend to last longer.
     • Fewer complications.
     • Less surgery time.
     • Reduced blood loss during surgery.
     • Less anesthesia.
     • Quicker recovery times.

This less invasive procedure mean knees comfortably move and function sooner. The vast majority of Bone & Joint Institute patients return home in just one to two days.
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